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Hi there!  I'm Katie, a real-food obsessed, fitness enthusiast with a firm belief that life is all about balance and a full plate of french fries. I'm a true morning person, I (annoyingly) find myself too funny and I’m convinced my blood is 90% coffee. I live in Chicago with my husband Kyle, our dog Remy and our (dick of a) cat, Archer.

I launched Personally Paleo after losing 85 pounds and running my first half marathon, attributing much of my success to a Paleo lifestyle.  It helped me discover how to balance healthy living and having fun, in a way that works for me.  Ever evolving for what I find works the best for me personally, I rebranded my site to Cleanish Living Katie in October 2019. I still focus primarily on gluten-free and paleo recipes, but since that’s not all my life is, that’s no longer what all my site is!

You can still hear more about my paleo story on Episode 24 of the Discovering Paleo Podcast or read more about it in my interview with Primal Palate


Questions? Comments?  Interested in working with me? No matter what it is, let's get in touch!  You can email me at cleanishlivingkatie@gmail.com or simply fill out the form below! 

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What should I call you?