Name Game

Welcome to my first blog post!

I've been talking about starting this blog for months, literally.  With the encouragement and assistance of some people who mean the absolute world to me, I'm finally up and running!  Introducing.. Personally Paleo!

Who knew that out of everything I would be doing to start up this blog, naming it would be the hardest?  When I was trying to come up with the name for this blog, I was verbally spewing some pretty terrible ideas.  Kyle (my main squeeze) finally suggested that I stop worrying about it so much.  He compared this to an author and their novel.  "Do you think they write the story and let the title come to them or come up with the title and form their story around it?"

He had an excellent point.  I stopped forcing the subject and instead starting thinking of everything that Paleo means to me and the benefits that I and my loved ones have experienced. 

I think now is a great time to give you a bit of my Paleo backstory.

In June 2012, I began an avid weight loss journey with personal trainers at my gym and the usual whole grain, low fat diet so many people recommend.  With these changes I was able to lose 60 pounds and by the time my sessions were over, I was only 10 pounds shy of my "optimal health weight. 

After my training visits expired, I looked for new ways to change up my work out.  In November 2012, I started to get my feet wet with running.  I ended up losing another 10 pounds by adding this in, but the endurance I needed just wasn't there for me to get the distances I was hoping.  Every time 2.5 miles rolled around, I was done.  I hit my wall.  I felt defeated and gave up.  I would run a .5 to 1 mile here or there, but it seemed impossible.

Kyle brought up the idea of Paleo in January of 2013.  I was skeptical, but began looking into its advantages and wanted to give it a shot as well.  An insane Diet Coke addict, I gave up all pop on the 15th of January and began setting a meal plan to go Paleo on the 1st of February.  We decided to try it for 30 days and then go from there. February came, Paleo happened, and we've never looked back.

Two weeks after starting Paleo, I ran 3 miles for the very first time.  I was so overjoyed I thought I was going to cry.  On May 4th I ran my first organized 5k and have been cruising on to 5 milers, 10 milers, and half marathons ever since.

So for me personally, Paleo played a HUGE part in my athletic ability.  It helped to shove open that doorway into the wonders of an assortment of activities that I never thought I would be able to do.  Running has become one of my bigger hobbies and my biggest stress reliever.

What are some other benefits I've experienced?  

  • My skin cleared up
    For as long as I can remember, I was plagued with "chicken skin" (tiny bumps) all over my upper arms and legs. Since adopting Paleo, my skin has cleared up and any acne knows better than to mess with me.
  • I'm sleeping at night 
    Restless nights were common for me.  At most, I would get 2-3 hours of sleep before waking up.  My slumber was broken into mini spurts of sleep followed by restlessness.  I never got up the next morning feeling refreshed.  Without the same old garbage going into my body, I'm able to sleep for several hours uninterrupted.  Even when I do experience some interruptions, I'm not as exhausted in the morning as I used to be.
  • Weight loss & size loss 
    I didn't go into Paleo hoping to lose weight, but it was an added benefit.  Over the first few months of Paleo, I dropped another 10-15 pounds, for a total weight loss of 85 pounds.  Moreso than the weight loss, I appreciate the size that I have dropped.  Paleo has helped me to build lean muscle, allowing me to shape my body and drop size without having to worry about a number on the scale.

..This list could go on forever.

Back to my initial story.  When I stopped worrying about the name and started relishing in all of the ways I have profited from Paleo, itmade me think of others that I've spoken to about their journeys.  

Paleo works in different ways for different people.  If you ask them what they feel is the greatest pro of this lifestyle, all of the reasons they express are personal.  They are all exact experiences they have had and how they have felt since making the change.  If you ask them for their reasons, it is all "Personally, Paleo..."