Total Body Travel Workout [Guest Post: Get Real with Mel]

One of the most important things for me when I go on vacation is to not lose my motivation when it comes to fitness. I make sure to pack my running shoes, walk the city a TON and make time for some quick at home workouts. Sometimes, I even look up local studios to take classes at.

I'm currently off across the pond exploring Amsterdam and London. To keep me on track this time around, I asked Melanie from Get Real with Mel to hook me up with a travel workout I can do whenever, wherever. You might recall Mel, a certified personal trainer, from my recent post reviewing Barry's Bootcamp and introducing you to her blog! This is her BA self below.

This travel workout has a completely no equipment needed option, which is awesome because I left my kettle bells in my purse back home (kidding!)  But really, sometimes we need to get our sweat on and just don't have access to dumbbells or other equipment.  Don't worry, if you do have access to dumbbells, Mel provided some modifications to make sure you can use them! She also included an optional 10 minutes cardio add on (with or without treadmill access!) Because, if you're gonna do cardio, do it quick. Amirite?! Let's. Get. Sweaty.

20 Min Total Body Travel Workout (Equipment Optional)

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.
15 squat jumps
15 squat pulses (keep chest up, weight in heels. Do small 1 inch pulses as low as you can get)
15 push ups (drop to knees for modification)  *Substitute bicep curls if you have access to dumbbells
15 burpees *Substitute lateral raises if you have access to dumbbells (keep elbows slightly bent, core tight)
15 tricep dips *Substitute goblet squats if you have access to dumbbells
1 min plank (on elbows or forearms)

Optional cardio add-on no treadmill:
Complete 2 rounds of:
1 minute skater jumps
1 minute squats
1 minute mountain climbers
1 minute single leg lunge (left leg elevated on chair or bench)
1 minute single leg lunch (right leg elevated on chair or bench)

Optional cardio add-on with treadmill:
Min 1: warm up at 6% incline and 6mph
Min 2: 7% incline at 7mph
Min 3-10: Alternate between a 40 sec. sprint at 2% and a 40 sec. rest.

Check out these fitness studios: