Beat the Blues with these Exercises

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The health benefits of exercise are numerous. It improves your heart health which can combat all manner of diseases, it keeps your lungs healthy, improves your energy levels and so much more. But what you might not realize is that exercise can have a massive effect on your mental state as well. When we’re feeling down we often decide that laying on the sofa in our pyjamas and eating junk food is the solution. The truth is, feeling sorry for yourself is just going to make you feel worse. Getting up and doing some exercise is a much more effective way to battle the blues. Some exercises are better than others when it comes to boosting your mood so have a look at this list of the best ones.


Running is the easiest way to brush off those cobwebs and get on a more positive track. You don’t need to get out to a gym, just grab your trainers and start running. After only a few minutes you’ll feel your heart rate increasing and those endorphins will start being released. Your mood will start improving in no time and you can make the whole experience better by putting together a playlist of feel good music to listen to while you’re running.


Yoga is certainly one of the best ways to improve your mood and your general well being. There are different yoga exercises for all sorts of purposes. Some will help stretch various parts of your body and make you more supple. It can combat joint and back pain and make you feel generally healthier. When it comes to your state of mind, the peaceful atmosphere that you create during a yoga session is the perfect time to reflect on the things that are getting you down and get more perspective on things. This clarity will help you to stop things from getting on top of you.


Dancing is a brilliant mood booster because it combines intensive aerobic exercise with good old fashioned fun. You can look for local classes like Zumba that are specifically designed for fitness or if you wanted to, just turn the stereo up and dance around the house for a while. Either way, you’ll be feeling happier in no time.


Boxing is almost certainly the hardest workout you can do. It works every single part of the body and it’s very intensive. The reason that you’re feeling down might be because you’re angry or frustrated about something. Hitting the gym and spending an hour or so beating the hell out of a punchbag will purge all of those bad feelings and leave you feeling exhausted, but happier.    


Bad sleep can really contribute to feeling low so it’s important that you improve it. One of the major benefits of Pilates is that it drastically improves your ability to get good, healthy sleep. You can do it at home and most of the stretches are fairly simple. Doing half an hour every few days will see a huge improvement in your sleeping and hopefully your mood.