Free + Cheap First Visit Fitness Classes - Chicago

Please note: these specials are current as of October 7, 2019. If you know of an update or an addition that should be made, let me know! 

One of my favorite aspects about living in Chicago is the access there is to a huge variety of fitness studios and classes. I absolutely love trying out new studios and finding workouts and instructors I love. But it can get expensive. I don't have tons of money to spend each month, so I want to make sure my money is well spent. I decided that before I commit to a monthly membership or class package at a studio, I wanted to be able to test the gym out. I've found most studios offer specials for first timers/new clients. By testing out new studios for free or cheap, I've found places and workouts that I truly LOVE. I'm sharing the deals I've found so you can find your favorites workouts too!


These are classes & studios I've personally taken and are absolutely obsessed with. I'm not affiliated with or being paid to mention any of these, I just get a real kick ass workout every time I go there!

ClassPass - $40 off 1st month!
     Take classes at a variety of studios all over Chicagoland!
     Membership Details: $40/mo for 24 credits, $60/mo for 35 credits or $120/mo for 75 credits.  Classes average from 4-9 credits depending on type + time but go as high as 19 for prime hours
     LOVING RIGHT NOW: Ritual Hot Yoga + Shred415!

Studio Three - $15 first class
     Class Types: Cycling, Yoga + Interval
     Location: River North
     LOVE: Cycling w/Sayre

SoulCycle - $100 5-class starter pack + free shoe rental
   Class Types: Cycling, Yoga + Interval
     Locations: Old Town + The Loop
     LOVE: Cycling w/Aya

Ritual Hot Yoga - $55 10 days unlimited yoga + FREE private session
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River North

Title Boxing Club - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Boxing + Kickboxing
     Location: West Loop, South Loop, Lincoln Park + Wicker Park


If you see a star (*) next to the studio, that means I've personally tried it out. If it doesn't have a star, I have no experience there but if you do, I'd love your input on it! 

9Round Fitness - 1st session free
     Class Types: Kickbox
     Location: Lincoln Park

AbsoYOGAlutely - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River West

Atlas Performance - $75 2 week unlimited
     Class Types: Interval Training + Crossfit
     Location: Cabrini Green + Logan Square

*Bar Method - 1st class FREE or $99 5 weeks unlimited
     Class Types: Barre
     Location: Several locations - see here
     Read about My Month at Bar Method!

Bare Feet Power Yoga - $45 30 days unlimited
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: West Loop

Barre Code - $39 2 weeks unlimited
     Class Types: Barre, Interval Training, Boot Camp + more
     Location: Several locations - see here

*Body R+D - $30 3-class pack or $165 1st month unlimited
     Class Type: Megaformer Pilates
     Location: Lakeview

Body Shot Boxing Club - $10 1st class
     Class Types: Boxing
     Location: Pilsen

BodyROK Chicago - $20 1st class, $99 5-class pack or LIMITED TIME OPENING SPECIAL $30 3-pack + guest pass
     Class Types: Reformer Pilates
     Location: River North

CHI50 - $15 1st class or $175 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Megaformer Pilates
     Location: Bucktown/Wicker Park

Chicago Primal Gym - 1st session FREE
     Class Types: Kettlebell
     Location: Lakeview

Club Pilates - 1st session FREE
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: River North, West Loop, Lincoln Park + Wicker Park

*CorePower Yoga - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: Several locations - see here

Crosstown Fitness - $60 14 days unlimited, $30 2-for-1 day pass or $99 4 personal training sessions
     Class Types: Strength + Yoga
     Location: West Loop + North Side

CycMode - $15 1st class
     Class Types: Cycling
     Location: South Loop

*Cycle Bar - FREE 30 min intro class
     Class Type: Cycling
     Location: West Loop, River North

*ENRGi Fitness - $50 14 day trial or $99 1st month
     Class Types: Strength, Endurance, Barre, Yoga + more
     Location: River North

Exhale Spa - 2 classes for the price of 1 ($25)
     Class Types: Barre, Cardio + Yoga
     Location: Gold Coast

F45 - Buy 1 class - get 2 FREE
     Class Types: HIIT + Circuit Training
     Location: Lincoln Park North

*First Ascent Climbing & Fitness - 1st day FREE
     Class Types: Climbing, Yoga + more
     Location: Uptown, Block 37, Humboldt + Avondale

*FlyWheel Sports - $15 1st class
     Class Types: Cycling + Barre
     Location: Old Town + River North

*Hustle Fitness - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Interval Training
     Location: Lincoln Park

Lateral Fitness - $33 3-class package
     Class Types: HIIT, Yoga + Pilates
     Location: River North

Lululemon - $1st Week Free
     Class Types: Yoga + Strength
     Location: Lincoln Park

LightSpace Pilates - $10 1st Qigong class, $15 1st mat class or $30 1st equipment class
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: Lincoln Park

Mazi Dance Fitness - $30 1st week unlimited
     Class Types: Dance Based Strength + Cardio
     Location: Lincoln Park, Wicker Park + South Loop

On Your Mark - 1st week FREE
     Class Types: Cycling, Strength, Rowing + more
     Location: West Loop

*OrangeTheory - 1st class FREE
     Workouts: Interval Training
     Locations: Several - see here

Power Sculpt Fitness - 1st class FREE, $40 8-class package or $99 30 days unlimited
     Class Types: Pilates
     Location: Lakeview

Pure Barre - FREE Foundations Class
     Class Types: Barre
     Location: Several - see here

ROW House - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Row Intervals
     Location: Old Town

Runn Chicago - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Running
     Location: Noble Square

*Runner's High Studio - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Running
     Location: River North

Runaway Fitness - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: HIIT
     Location: Streeterville

SALT Fitness - $79 for 3 weeks unlimited
     Class Types: Barre, Cycle + FIT
     Location: Bucktown

Shadowbox - Buy 1, Get 1 (NOW OPEN!)
     Workouts: Boxing
     Locations: River North

*Shred415 - 1st class FREE or $149 1st month unlimited
     Workouts: Interval Training
     Locations: Several - see here

The Space Between - $75 30 days unlimited or take 1 class, get 1 free
     Workouts: Yoga
     Locations: River North

SPROING Fitness - 2 classes FREE
     Workouts: High Intensity Interval Training
     Locations: Lincoln Park

*Solidcore - $39 2-class package
     Workouts: Megaformer
     Locations: River North, West Loop, Wicker Park + Boystown

Stiletto Dance Studios - $50 1 week unlimited
     Workouts: Pole. Dance, Yoga
     Locations: West Town

Studio Lagree- $15 1st class or $180 10-class pack
     Workouts: Megaformer
     Locations: Lincoln Park, River North, Old Town + West Loop (coming soon!)

SWEAT Fitness Studios - 1 week free trial or $125 30 days unlimited
     Class Type: High Intensity Interval Training
     Locations: Gold Coast + Lincoln Park (newly opened!)75
     LOVE: Total Body Strength or Butt & Legs

UFC Gym - 1st FREE pass
     Class Types: Boxing, Kickboxing, TRX, Interval Martial Arts + more!
     Location: River North, South Loop + Wrigleyville

Yoga 2.0 - $45 1st week unlimited or $30 2 for 1
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River North

Yoga Now - $49 1st month unlimited
     Class Types: Yoga
     Location: River North

*Yoga Six - 1st class FREE
     Class Types: Yoga + Boot Camp
     Location: Gold Coast, South Loop + Lincoln Park

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