Father's Day GF Burger Recipe Round Up

Well friends, in the blink of an eye another summer holiday is approaching. I'll be spending Father's Day in Chicago without my dad, which is a BIG bummer, but I can look forward to seeing him on trip back to the mitten next month.

When I think back on Father's Day growing up or even in recent years when I've found myself back home for the holiday, I remember spending countless days enjoying the sun outside and grilling outside. If your Dad is anything like mine, it's hard to turn down a big, juicy burger and heck, why would you want to? I typically love topping my burgers with aioli, bacon and a fried egg, which I could seriously eat EVERY day, but sometimes I like to change it up and test out different combinations. For this Father's Day, I've rounded up a bunch of Paleo and/or Gluten Free burger recipes that will be sure to make this weekend a happy one!

If anyone has tried any of these recipes before or if one of them happens to be a favorite blogger of yours - I'd love to hear what you love about it so much in the comments below!

Ok, so this obviously isn't a burger recipe... BUT IT IS A PALEO BUN RECIPE! How can I give you all these amazing burgers without at least giving you an option for picking it up with your hands? This Paleo sandwich bun recipe from Ditch the Wheat is the perfect compliment to any burger out there.

One of my favorite recipes to date, this burger combines deviled eggs and a seasoned pork burger to make an amazing, perfect-for-summer, meal!

What's a burger meal without potatoes involved? A smashed potato serves as the bun for this simply seasoned, tasty burger to give you everything you could hope for in each bite! Bonus: they won't break your Whole30 streak!

For the best bunless low-carb burger, look no further than this juicy, decadent, soul restoring burger from Appetite for Energy. It's topped with spicy chipotloe mayo, wrapped in lettuce and oh so good!

Just 20 mins of your time and you'll be able to treat the whole fam to these delicious Paleo Friendly Sloppy Joes. Not quite a burger, but use Paleo or GF buns (or even a lettuce wrap!) and it's close enough!

A 30-minute meal with a whole lot of pizzazz! Get spicy Southwestern flavors in juicy Paleo chicken fajita burgers, topped with seared peppers + onions and served with tomatillo guacamole. No bun necessary.

Break from tradition with these salmon burgers from Caroline's Cooking. A lower carb option with spinach and feta that doesn't skimp on any of the flavor.

Spiced with Indian seasonings, these turkey burgers already set themselves apart from the crowd. But top them with cashew coconut mango chutney and they're on a whole other level! You're going to want to dive face first into these. Guaranteed.

I feel like the fact this burger has bacon jam on it is enough to make anyone want to try it, but on top of that, the umami mushrooms offer an amazing unique flavor to these patties. These are gluten free, but if you'd like to make them Paleo you could try subbing the brown sugar for coconut sugar (this is an untested, editorial note from me, not from the author!)

If you're an avocado fan, these burgers just might become your new best friend.  Bonus: they're super simple to make and you can save yourself a bit of time on Father's Day by prepping these burgers in advance!

I love finding new recipes that use leeks, and this maple glazed pork and leek burger recipe from Simple Seasonal is no exception! If you've never combined an apple with a savory dish, you're world is about to get rocked!

Ditch the Wheat is sharing this burger with an Asian twist from the Frugal Paleo Cookbook and it looks awesome! You'll top a flavorful burger with a grilled pineapple (YUM!) and serve it alongside a paleo friendly teriyaki sauce

I couldn't end this post without sharing this Gluten Free pork banh mi burger with you. These patties are topped with pickled vegetables and sriracha mayo and look too good to be true!