Motivate Yourself to Continue Working Out in Summer

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Let’s face it, many of us have probably slowed down our workouts because we’ve already reached our beach body goals, or we’re simply too frustrated with the heat to continue working out in those blazing conditions. It’s completely understandable, but it also means you’re slacking and getting lazy with your exercise routine. If you want to stay motivated during the summer, then here are a couple of simple tips that will help you stick to your exercise routine.

Adjust Your Workout

The summer can make it difficult to workout especially if outdoor cardio is one of the main things you focus on. Instead of cycling or running outdoors, consider using indoor machines or changing your routine so that you’re running earlier in the morning or later in the afternoon when there is more shade. You could also change the route you cycle or run so that you’re shielded by trees. If you build up a strong summer routine, then you’ll find it becomes easier to adjust to the seasons and come next year, you’ll be prepared with an updated workout regime to stay motivated.

Keep Your Body Cool

Whether it’s switching to different workout shirts or dousing yourself in water before a workout, focus on lowering your body temperature if you want to stay focused. A good strategy is to lower your body’s temperature before you start your workout. You can do this by taking a cool shower, nibbling on something cold, drinking lots of chilled water or even splashing cold water on your face. Whatever it takes to make you feel cool, do that before you start your workout. If you don’t have time for this, then simply run your wrists under cold water for a few seconds and cool down the blood that’s flowing through your body.

Stay Hydrated

It can’t be stressed enough that you need to stay hydrated when you’re working out in the summer. You’re going to be sweating more and your body needs the water to keep itself cool throughout your entire workout. The best option is to chill a bottle of water prior to your workout, then keep it close to you when you’re exercising. Take a sip every now and then to keep your body cool and make sure you are drinking plenty. During the summer, your body needs more water regardless due to all the sweat you release to stay cool, so don’t neglect to refill your body.

You Could Lose Progress

Since you’ve worked so hard towards reaching your fitness goals, it would be a shame to lose it all in a single summer, wouldn’t it? Your body has grown used to exercising and eating healthily, and breaking those good habits can lead to a drop in muscle, decreased tone and even an increase in fat. You don't need to strive for society's ideal body image, but you have worked hard and should be proud of the differences you've made. Don't neglect the importance in keeping up with all that hard work!