AB&J Froyo Bites

Pop quiz - what do almond butter and french fries have in common? Literally, nothing aside from the fact that I'm obsessed with both of them. I got on board the almond butter train pretty shortly after I realized my body + peanut butter do NOT mix well.

Since peanut butter isn't paleo and almond butter is, I like to pair it with jam/jelly to recreate PB&J type flavoring in recipes. I also like to use tahini, like I did in these Copycat Uncrustables Jelly Sandwiches, but that's a whole other story. No, it's never going to be quite the same and if you eat it expecting it to taste just like peanut butter, you're going to be disappointed, BUT it is beautiful and delicious and amazing in it's own way. 

This time around I wanted to make a frozen/cold treat in honor of the (hopefully) forthcoming warm weather. And what's better in warm weather than frozen yogurt? Basically nothing, so I combined these into an epic AB&J Frozen Yogurt Bite.

I used grass-fed, whole milk yogurt, which I can tolerate in smaller doses. Trader Joe's has a great, clean option, but I also like Siggi's Plain Whole Milk Yogurt. If you can't tolerate dairy or would like this to be vegan friendly, substitute in a dairy free yogurt like one made with almond milk or cashew milk. 

I like to make homemade almond butter following the same basic steps I do in my Cinnamon Coconut Pecan Butter. If you're going to buy store bought, make sure you find one without any added sugar or oil. The ingredient list should just be almonds. 

For the jam, I like to use a brand called St. Dalfour, because it's sweetened purely with fruit. No gross additives or processed sugars. Here in Chicago, I pick mine up at Plum Market (this store is the shiz) but you can also order it on Thrive Market.  Unfamiliar with Thrive Market? It's Costco meets Whole Foods meets Amazon and you can get practically everything on there! They also donate a membership to a low-income family for every membership purchased.  You can use my referral link to get 15% off your first purchase by clicking here!
Back to the good stuff now!  My favorite part of these AB&J Froyo Bites is the pocket of jam right in the center that is just a pile of goodness when you bite into it. Plus you kind of get a bit of it with every single bite. In my world, the more jam, the better. 

These make a perfect snack or dessert for yourself and also work great for little bites at a party. They are frozen though, so don't leave them out too long! I like to take mine out and have it rest just 1-2 minutes before devouring it.


Prep Time: 5 minutes
Inactive Time: 4+ hours
Yields: 16 bites

32 oz grass fed, plain, whole milk yogurt *Sub non-dairy yogurt to make Paleo/Vegan
⅔ cup creamy almond butter
¼ cup maple syrup + additional to taste
1-2 tsp St. Dalfour raspberry (or other flavor) jam per yogurt bite

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