Stop Underestimating Breakfast

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It doesn’t matter what you’ve got planned for your day. Maybe you’re going to spend the morning working out. Maybe you’ve got an essay or a blog article to write. Maybe you’re simply going to work. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you’re doing is going to require some physical energy and brainpower. If you haven’t fueled your body and mind with a good breakfast, then you’re probably not going to be meeting your full potential.

Like most people, you've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Some people are pretty tired of hearing that and a few have even tried to prove that it really isn’t that important. Some have gone as far to claim that not eating breakfast can be beneficial. Let’s not argue about where breakfast lands in the day’s meal hierarchy, if such a thing exists - the fact is a good meal can give you fuel to get through the tasks you need to accomplish during the day. 

But what exactly should you eat at breakfast? Well, for the most part, eating something is better than eating nothing. When you don’t eat, you can find it difficult to concentrate. Your movement might be sluggish and your reactions to things maybe delayed. You may not notice the effect, but it’s there. It can also lead to overeating later in the day. Unfortunately, knowing that eating something is better than eating nothing often distracts from the fact that you should be eating a good breakfast! A bowl of sugar-laced cereal isn’t going to do any good for you aside from distracting you from morning hunger.

It’s best to think about the nutrients you need. In this case, the best breakfasts combine a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs. Fat can be good for you, so don’t assume you need to eat something low in fat. Sugar and carbs may give you an immediate energy boost, but it can also lead to a crash by the afternoon. 

Protein is one of the most underrated nutrients when it comes to breakfast. People usually leave protein considerations for lunch or dinner. But protein can give you a really potent energy boost and help keep you satisfied. There are plenty of ways to include more protein in your breakfast aside from just meat. If you get yourself a decent griddle, such as one of the models found at Best Electric Griddles 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide - then you can get quite creative. Adding a bit of Paleo friendly protein powder can help turn pancakes into protein paradises. You could also fry some egg on the griddle for protein.

Fiber can be beneficial to give you energy throughout the day also. It tends to be popular in breakfasts because fiber is prominent in a lot of cereals. If you are avoiding gluten and grains, you might think it is a bit more difficult to get this in your diet, but you can get them primarily from fruits instead of relying on the slivers you get in your Cheerios. I recommend bananas, which are really versatile when it comes to breakfast options. You can slice them up and put them on some sweet potato toast, mix them into smoothies or make them into baked goods to ensure you get a good dose of fiber. Bananas can also supply you with carbs in a healthy way.

The short version? Don’t skip breakfast - it can be the best source of your daily success.