Stuffing Recipes for Your Paleo Thanksgiving Menu

T-minus one week until Thanksgiving. How the heck did that sneak up on us so quick!? I’m sure most of you are picking out your recipes or putting final touches on your Paleo Thanksgiving Menus but before you do that, I want to remind you of one of the best Thanksgiving side dishes around - stuffing.

Overlooking stuffing for a Paleo menu is totally understandable since it’s usual a gluten filled dish, but it’s not needed because there are tons of delicious Paleo and Primal options out there. While not traditional in the sense, they’ll still satisfy your stuffing craving and you might just like them even more ;) So before you pick up all your groceries or really finalize that menu, poke through the gluten free, grain free stuffing recipes below that I’m bringing your way.

PS - If anyone has tried any of these recipes before or if one of them happens to be a favorite blogger of yours - I'd love to hear what you love about it so much in the comments below!

I can’t say it better than Laura herself when it comes to this recipe - “The combination of dried and fresh sage, celery, onion and leek provides layers of classic flavor, while sausage and mushrooms lend depth and meatiness.” Basically - you’ve just GOT to try this one!

This gluten free stuffing recipe from the Movement Menu is loaded up with all kinds of nutrient dense vegetables like butternut squash, celery and brussels sprouts. Tossed with dried cranberries and toasted pecans, it’s perfect as a side dish or could even be a main course. This tangy, slight sweet stuffing can even be made vegan too!

For any low carb, paleo eaters, this cauliflower stuffing will do the trick! Simple ingredients, but all the flavor!

This Paleo-ified version of traditional stuffing come from Nora over at A Clean Bake. You’ll get stuffing with a crispy top over a soft base just like you know and love!

With the popularity of cauliflower rice at an all time high, you know why I’m sharing this one! Krista created a Whole30 stuffing recipe that will give you all the traditional flavors you want with a dose of hearty veggies - including cauli rice!

This 20 minute Instant pot recipe calls for gluten free bread so isn’t out right Paleo, but if you use a homemade (or store bought) Paleo friendly bread, then this will do just fine!

Using a homemade “cornbread” stuffing, this Paleo stuffing recipe will give you more of a traditional feel during your holiday meal but still save you from all the grains, gluten and dairy! It’ll also keep you low on the carbs.

I’ve personally made this stuffing recipe, way back when I first started eating Paleo and holy heck, the pecan crumble really sets this stuffing apart.

Add a Caribbean twist to your Thanksgiving menu with this Virgin Islands traditional Potato Stuffing recipe which boasts a unique and flavorful combination involving potatoes, raisins, tomato paste and (coconut) sugar.