Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter

Just a few ingredients and 20 minutes of time will give you this creamy, Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter. You won't believe how easy it is to make this flavorful, healthy snack!

Admittedly, I'm someone who will pay a little bit more for convenience. Between working full time, evening workouts, blog posts, recipe making and all the other commitments of life, sometimes the extra few dollars are worth it. This is not me complaining at all. I thrive on being busy, but sometimes you just want life to be easy.  Sometimes I'll buy preformed grass fed burger patties. Sometimes I'll buy shredded brussels sprouts. Does this mean I am paying a bit more for something that I could do myself? Yes, but my time is worth that $1 to me.

That being said, I have a really hard time compromising on nut butters. They are one of my absolute favorite paleo snacks - on their own, with a piece of fruit, it really doesn't matter. I love it! Plus, they are SO easy to make. You literally just throw everything in a food processor and let it have at it, basically making it a one dish recipe. If you have a POS one like me, you'll have to pause it every once in awhile so it can cool off and not explode, but that's no big deal! I'm OK with buying almond butter at Trader Joe's because the cost of a jar is about what it would cost me to buy the almonds to make it, but that's my extent. Why would I spend $14 on a jar of cashew butter when I can make my own for $8? Trick question - I wouldn't.

Another plus to homemade nut butter is the ability to switch up the flavors. I love making my Cinnamon Coconut Pecan Butter and if I want, I can switch it to almonds or walnuts for a completely different flavor profile. If I want some extra protein, I can add in Perfect Supplements Collagen (their collagen is sourced from pasture raised cows and is Paleo approved!) to the mix. If I want it sweet but refined sugar free? Add honey. Want it to be vegan friendly? Change that to maple syrup and use a vegan protein powder. The options are endless.
Recently, I decided I really wanted some cashew butter which is a bit weird for me because I've never been a big fan of plain old cashew butter. When I was walking through Trader Joes, I stumbled upon some gluten free freeze dried fruit that has no added sugar and I decided to combine the two. I went with the freeze dried blueberries and then grabbed a pound of organic raw cashews and voila! the base of my cashew butter was made. 

I decided to make this cashew butter with added protein, so I mixed in some collagen, but that is entirely optional. I also sweetened it a touch with some maple syrup to keep it vegan. Again, completely optional. I added just a bit so it isn't too sweet and balances the blueberries and cashews nicely. Mine is a bit of a thicker butter because I added collagen. If you do this, you can add in some coconut oil to thin it out but be sure to add just 1 tbsp at a time until you reach your desired consistency.

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Yield: 16 Servings (2 Tbsp each)

Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter

Just a few ingredients and 20 minutes of time will give you this creamy, Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter. You won't believe how easy it is to make this flavorful, healthy snack!
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  • 16 oz (1 lb) raw cashews
  • 1.2 oz freeze dried blueberries
  • 1 tbs vanilla extract
  • 1-2 tbs honey or maple syrup *OPTIONAL
  • 1 scoop Perfect Supplements collagen or vegan friendly protein powder *OPTIONAL
  • 1-2 tbs coconut oil *OPTIONAL to thin out nut butter


How to cook Vegan Friendly Blueberry Cashew Butter

  1. Add cashews, dried blueberries & vanilla extract to your food processor. Add in any sweetener now also.
  2. Process on high until smooth 10-15 minutes depending on the strength of your blender. Stop as needed to scrape down the edges with a spatula or to let your processor cool for a bit.
  3. If you are adding in collagen, do this now and blend. If you are thinning with oil, add now and continue to blend. If you're not adding in protein, you're done! Store in an airtight container in your fridge (like a mason jar!)



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